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Asian Blending


Who we are

Asian Blending is a Singapore-based manufacturer of high quality food ingredients and retail products, specialising in the beverage, dairy and confectionary sectors. Our state of the art manufacturing facility produces dry blends in a range of packaging formats, from single-serve sticks or sachets; retail and food service pouches; through to wholesale bulk sizes.

Where we are based

Our production facility is situated in Singapore, and we export to Japan, ASEAN, China, the Middle East and further afield.

What we do

Since 1992 Asian Blending has specialised in producing high-quality food products for our clients across the globe. We are a best in class food manufacturer, specialising in dairy-based ingredients and retail products.

Our Products

-          Flavoured milk powders (vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, etc.)

-          Coffee mixes (classic, cappuccino, latte, etc.)

-          Other powdered beverages (matcha, hot chocolate, etc.)

-          Nutritional milk powder (hi-calcium, etc.)

Our Brands

-          Retail packaging in private label (your brand)

-          Bulk products in Asian Blending branding


AsianBlending Hi Res

Visit: www.asianblending.com

Contact: enquiries@ab.com.sg